Welcome! Here you will find all of my tracks and E.P's.  I aspire to make as much of my music free to download as possible.. I know not everyone can afford to pay for music.

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If you cannot afford to donate, or do not wish to do so.. no problem! TAKE IT ALL.

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Backyard Boogie EP

Chasing the lighter side of dance music. Be happy, be funny, be silly.. BE FUNKY.

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Bootlegs. Filthy filthy bootlegs.

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On this E.P I explore some new genres and styles, venturing into the realms of trap, house and drum and bass. Shake is a favourite, check it out!

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Sexy Sam, the ladies man, back with an EP for your diaphragm, where’s he been? We hear you fam, last we heard he was in uncle sam being a porno stand in for The Van Damme. Was he dealing drugs by the kilogram? Or giving the ladies slow sex exams? We sent him an international telegram saying ‘More Funk! Some Crunk! Less Clam!’ He might have thought it was merely spam so we went over and drew a venn diagram, one side funk, one side ham, in the middle - of course - a squirrel flan. He got the message and screamed out; ‘Goddamn! I have to make an EP man!’ We grabbed it quick and back we swam, via Tijuana, Tokyo and Buckingham. He’s crunching funk like a hydraulic ram, it’s full of boom and funk and bam for your aural pleasures fine sirs aaand ma’ams x

Mic drop :moon walks off the internet: 

- The legendary Fat Harry

I felt honored to put an E.P out on Ghetto Funk at such an early stage of my music career (Begging may or may not have been involved)

I was humbled to have Defunk and B-side, two of my favorite artists offer up their services on remix duties for Don't touch my heart ft Rayna. Since I was never paid by the label, you can download them for free.

We all had to start somewhere. My first E.P